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Helper App NA XxreaperKillerXx's Helper Application

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Question One: What is your Minecraft In-Game Username or IGN? It is XXReaperKillerXX

Question Two: What is your current age? 13

Question Three: What is your timezone? EST NA

Question Four: Do you have Discord and what is your Discord username? I do not have discord but can get it at anytime when it is necessary

Question Five: Do you have TeamSpeak? Have you joined the PocketPixels TeamSpeak? I do Have TeamSpeak and also have The PocketPixels TeamSpeak

Question Six: What languages do you speak fluently? American

Question Seven: How many hours per day AND per week can you be active for? 2-5 hours a day and at least 2-3 days excluding weekends

Question Eight: Have you been staff of PocketPixels before or on other servers? No

Question Nine: What qualifies you to be staff? I enforce the rules, I know a lot of about the server and how it works and can help people if I need to

Question Ten: What contributions have you made to the network as a whole? (This does not mean donating. What have you done for the community?) I have recommended stuff for a couple builds back in 2014-2016 and have helped make some ideas for staff.

Question Eleven: Do you have any extra information and comments?
I know I am not the qualifying age or even have enough skills but I would love to be staff for the PocketPixels server. I go to this game to get away from reality and it helps a lot. I would love to help people for this server and really feel like I could be good. White also doesn't have many helpers on which could be a big deal at times. One of the people I hang out with most who will be a new builder said that I would probably be a good staff member so this is why I am sending helper opportunities for the server. If any of the staff could accept me, it would be greatly appreciated.
Posted Mon at 05:04 pm · OP
This is a good application that you've submitted. Discord is most certainly a requirement as our staff team does communicate on Discord as well as Teamspeak. If you continue to stay active and helpful you may possibly join our staff team as a helper. Please don't reply to your own application post as it is considered bumping.

Posted Tue at 05:28 pm
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