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GL App EU Denied jojo_bor's Gymleader application.

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Question One: What is your Minecraft In-Game Username or IGN?

Question Two: What is your current age?

Question Three: What is your timezone?
Central European Time.

Question Four: Do you have Discord and what is your Discord username?
Yes, jojo_bor#4881.

Question Five: Do you have TeamSpeak? Have you joined the PocketPixels TeamSpeak?
Yes, I do have TeamSpeak. And I join the PocketPixels TS quite frequently.

Question Six: What languages do you speak fluently?
English and Dutch.

Question Seven: How many hours per day AND per week can you be active for?
Per day:
Per week:
Monday: 5-6 hours.
38 hours minimum.
Tuesday: 4-5 hours.
Wednesday: 6-8 hours.
Thursday: 4-5 hours.
Friday: 6-7 hours.
Saturday: 7-8 hours.
Sunday: 6-7 hours.

Question Eight: Have you been staff of PocketPixels before or on other servers?
I have been staff on PocketPixels Red before.

Question Nine: What qualifies you to be staff?
There are a few reasons why I think I would be a good staff member. Because I like to help people, and give them advice. I also know alot about Pixelmon/Pokemon in general and i know alot about the server. I also like helping people with trade evolutions or hatching eggs etc. I'm always positive and I like to make people smile. I'm always friendly and I am responsible aswell. I like to talk to everyone on the server, even if their English isn't too good. I also give people advice on movesets or natures/ability's. That's the battling side in me. If I lose, I always try to improve to beat the person I lost to. Just by adjusting my team or strategy.

As I said before, there's a battling side in me. I have been playing pokemon since I was a little boy. But the competitive side came when I first joined PocketPixels. I would always be asking people to battle me on the server because its a passion of mine. I am a very competitive person and I don't like to lose. My win to loss ratio was very good before the reset. And I'm on my way to beating all the gyms again. I think me being a decent and very competitive battler would be a good addition to the staff team. I like to make teams too, I like challenges that make it hard to make a good all around team. Like only using 2 types or mono-type teams. I think I have enough experience in battling to be a good Gymleader again!

Question Ten: What contributions have you made to the network as a whole? (This does not mean donating. What have you done for the community?)
I have helped alot of players by doing things like checking ivs/evs, repairing items and by giving advice on teambuilding. I also put alot of shiny's in the wondertrade pool.

Question Eleven: Do you have any extra information and comments?
Nope, Thanks for reading!
Posted Mar 17, 19 · OP · Last edited Mon at 22:44 by [A] pikachulad...
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Hello Jojo,

Due to server inactivity your application is going to be denied. If you do become more active again and wish to reapply you may apply in 30 days.

Posted Mon at 10:43 pm