Greetings, everyone. It's been a few months since I was last active, so I'm sure there are many new faces. To them, hello :) I'm Sucitivel, but everyone calls me Levi. A few days ago around December 28th would have 4 years since I first joined the server at the end of 2014. I really can't believe that it's been so long, from thirteen to now seventeen years old. While I had an absence of about two years from playing, I've always been around snooping on the forums. I believe I've seen the server at its greatest peak and at its lowest troughs. With this comes the many wonderful people I've met on this server. I won't list any names because there are way too many and I'm sure that many will be left out. I just would like to say that I'm so very thankful for PocketPixels. I spent a year watching MunchingOrange and YoshiToMario before I was finally able to play back when Red was the only server. To be able to even play then was insane to me, not only to realize that I'd become a Gym Leader and Elite Four twice as well as a Moderator and pioneered the original Battle Frontier. Thank you all for providing me with immense hospitality and some of the greatest relationships I've had. A little elitism, shoutout to the 2015 peeps for probably the best year of my life so far ;) That being said, I look forward to being at least somewhat involved with the server for as long as I can, and cannot wait for the future.

Thank you all, seriously (and Happy New Year!).
- Sucitivel