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Yellow's March madness PokeHunt!

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Getting Started
The time has come once again to grab those maps and thinking hats! Explore the yellow world, solving riddles and hunting down pokemon in a race against other competent trainers

This time though, things are a little different!
  • The hunt is split into 3 groups of 5 pokemon each, with each set increasing in difficulty.
  • Trainers must catch all 5 pokemon to complete a set before moving onto the next and the sets must be completed in order.
  • Any trainer who completes sets 1 and 2 will receive prizes for those sets respectively.
  • Additionally, the first 3 trainers to complete the final set, and therefore the hunt itself, will receive special 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes.

Spoiler: Show

Players will assemble at Fischland prior to the beginning of the event.
Each participant will be handed the first clue.
The event will then officially be started with the host.
Players will then hunt down the pokemon they believe to be the answer to the riddle.
They must then catch that pokemon. This MUST be done in the presence of a supervising staff member!
If the caught pokemon is correct, the player will then be handed the clue for the next pokemon
The event will last 2 hours, or until the first 3 people complete the final set, whichever comes first

Important Info
The event will be taking place on Saturday, March 23rd at 6pm EST
Players who complete Set 1 and/or 2 will receive those sets prizes, even if they do not complete the set after that

For more information, feel free to contact ZekeSorrows or Saut in game, or on discord
Happy hunting!
Posted Mar 12, 19 · OP
Comes Here Often
Looks Like a ton of Fun!
Posted Mar 12, 19