PocketPixels - TeamSpeak Trivia Night!


Welcome to the PocketPixels TeamSpeak Trivia Night! Similar to the recent comedy night, we are on a search for the best of the best. However, this time we are not looking for the funniest person - we are looking for the brightest!

If you think you have the brains to to conquer this challenge, then what are you waiting for? Join right in, everyone is welcome!

General Event Information

In this event, trivia questions will be asked verbally by either Enchanted or Veto. Players must answer the questions in the TeamSpeak chat, not verbally, and answers must be given after the question has been completely read. The first player to answer correctly after the question has been fully read will receive one point. At the end of the five rounds, the three players with the three highest point totals will be awarded the first, second, and third place prizes, respectively.

There are going to be five rounds with five questions each on a wide variety of topics.

Date, Time, & Location:

The Trivia Event will be taking place on Saturday March 23rd at 1 pm EST on TeamSpeak.

How do you Sign Up for this Event?

All you need to do to take part is show up prior to the starting time! No sign up is required!


1. Answers must be given in typed format in the TeamSpeak chat.
2. You may only answer after the question has been completely read.
3. Be appropriate with your answers. Racism, homophobia, sexism, etc will not be tolerated.
4. All general server rules will still apply such as no harassment, bullying, advertising, etc.


First Place: A $30 Store Coupon
Second Place: A $20 Store Coupon
Third Place: A $10 Store Coupon

Thank you all for reading and we look forward to seeing you all there!! :)