In this guide I will be giving you a list of which Pokemon spawn in which part of the Safari and what the Safari is.
PocketPixels Yellow’s Safari consists of 13 biomes and are in different zones. The Safari is a warp where you can catch as many Pokémon as you want in the time that you are given, the Safari also has hidden Pokeloot and an Icy Rock and Mossy Stone! .
To get to the entrance of the Safari you can do ‘/warp safari’ while you are on Yellow, and to get into catching the Pokémon you will have to run the command /safari join, be careful every 3 minutes will cost you $100, so make sure you are well prepared with money for the amount of time you are wanting to spend in the Safari.
To get out of the Safari you MUST run the command /safari leave or else you will continue to lose money even if you are not in the Safari Zone.
The Safari consists of 13 biomes, the list of the biomes are as followed: Plains, Flower Forest, Forest, Cold Taiga, Ice Plains, Swampland, Mesa, Savanna, Desert, Birch Forest, Beach, Jungle and Extreme Hills.
Spoiler: Zone 1: Plains and Flower ForestShow
Spoiler: Zone 2: ForestShow
Spoiler: Zone 3: Cold Taiga and Ice PlainsShow
Spoiler: Zone 4: SwamplandShow
Spoiler: Zone 5: MesaShow
Spoiler: Zone 6: SavannaShow
Spoiler: Zone 7: DesertShow
Spoiler: Zone 8: Birch Forest and BeachShow
Spoiler: Zone 9: JungleShow
Spoiler: Zone 10: Extreme Hills (Underground Cave)Show
Spoiler: Zone 11: Ocean (Middle Area)Show

I will work to update this when we update the Safari with Generation 7 Pokemon, for now if you have any questions, concerns or if I missed a Pokemon please message me on Discord; Coy#0001 <3