Welcome Challengers to the Pixelmon White Gym Rules! Here you will find everything you need to know about our rules before you begin your journey to become the very best. Lets begin with the basics:
Gym #1: Rock, 3v3 level cap 25

Gym #2: Grass, 4v4 level cap 35

Gym #3: Ice, 4v4 level cap 45

Gym #4: Water/Poison, 4v4 level cap 55

Gym #5: Psychic/Fighting, 5v5 level cap 65

Gym #6: Fairy/Steel, 5v5 level cap 75

Gym #7: Bug/Ground, 6v6 level cap 85

Gym #8: Dark/Flying, 6v6 level cap 95

Next let’s go over the list of pokemon that are banned in the gyms. These pokemon are banned all Mega and Legendary pokemon found on this list are banned from all gyms. Along with them these legendary pokemon are also banned.

Pokemon abilities are also sometimes an issue in a battle as such these abilities are banned in all gyms currently.
Wonder Guard

Pixelmon named after others can cause confusion during the battle, despite the Pixelmons health bar being shown. As a result, those who nickname their Pixelmon after others will receive a disqualification and be forced to wait the full cooldown period.
No Nicknaming Pokemon after other Pokemon, or inappropriate nicknames

You may only use the allowed number and types of potions in gyms 1-8. Using more than the allowed amount or an item that is not allowed will result in disqualification. Also you should announce when you are using one of the items because it can be missed by the gym leader.
Only one normal revive (50% health restoration)
Three healing items of any type may be used (includes berries, drinks, potions, etc), except Full Restore.

Multiple of the same pokemon and pokemon in the same evo-line may not be used. So you cannot have a slowpoke and a slowbro on the same team. You may however use branch evolutions so you may have a slowking and a slowbro on the same team.
Unnatural evolutions are also banned, this is when you get a pokemon at a level lower than it would normally be able to exist eg: getting a Metagross through Ditto breeding at lvl 1.

Some moves may not be used in certain gyms the use of a banned move will result in disqualification.
Gym #1: Dragon Rage is banned.
All Gyms: OHKO Moves (Guillotine, Sheer Cold, Fissure, Horn Drill)

Gym Sharing is not allowed under any circumstances and is defined as the following:
Giving another player a Pixelmon or a Team you fought the Gym with.

However, the following does NOT count as Gym Sharing:
- Telling a player the type weaknesses of a Gym.
- Telling a specific dual/tri typing weaknesses.
- Sharing information about the Pixelmon Team to use.
- Sharing strategies on the topic to beating a Gym.
Note: This rule is a general server rule and will result in a serious punishment if broken.

The Choice items are powerful held items that boost a stat by 50% but lock you into the first move you use with the mon that is holding it, these items are banned until Gym 9 and then are restricted to two per team after that.
Choice Scarf - Speed
Choice Band - Attack
Choice Specs - Special Attack

This list will be updated as new mechanics and pokemon are added into the game, there are also rule boards at each gym that you should read completely before each battle.