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Helper App EU Accepted ItzElfu's Helper Application

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Question One: What is your Minecraft In-Game Username or IGN?
My Minecraft username is ItzElfu.

Question Two: What is your current age?
I am currently 19 years old.

Question Three: What is your timezone?
My time zone is GMT +0

Question Four: Do you have Discord and what is your Discord username?
I do have discord and my username is Elfu#2081

Question Five: Do you have TeamSpeak? Have you joined the PocketPixels TeamSpeak?
Yes I do have teamspeak and I have been on the PocketPixels teamspeak server before.

Question Six: What languages do you speak fluently?
I am fluent in English, Bulgarian and Maltese.

Question Seven: How many hours per day AND per week can you be active for?
I play a minimum of 4 hours every day, Hence I would be able to be online for atleast 28 hours per week.

Question Eight: Have you been staff of PocketPixels before or on other servers?
I previously was a Helper on PocketPixels before Gold merged with Red. Other than that I was helper on a major pixelmon server upon the first release of pixelmon and then I also had the role of Jr Mod in a vanilla server after that.

Question Nine: What qualifies you to be staff?
I believe that the most important quality I have for being a Helper is my passion for helping others out and always being there when anyone needs something whilst upholding the rules of the server as to prevent any negativity within the community.
I am a very dedicated person and once I start something i will see it through so I can be relied on to help as many people as possible at any given time no matter what the circumstances might be.
That being said I only returned to the server recently but I will be staying for a long while and I believe myself to be a perfect candidate for the Helper position due to my vast knowledge about the server and PocketPixels network and my Previous experience as a helper in both PocketPixles and other servers.

Question Ten: What contributions have you made to the network as a whole?
During my time as a helper 3 years ago on Gold I was always there to help people out with whatever they needed and provided service to those who were in need while still upholding the rules and making sure the place was kept equally friendly and welcoming to everyone be they new or old players.
I still stand by that mindset to this day and help others out whenever people need help examples being helping people catch certain pokemon or clearing out areas of the map for people to build. I believe it to be very important to have active staff at all times on the server to maximise the player base's happiness and satisfaction on the server.
Posted Feb 15, 19 · OP · Last edited Mar 13, 19 by [A] Vetonium
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Love it!
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Getting Started
Good application! Gl Elfu! :d
Posted Mar 9, 19
Getting Started
Hello Elfu I am glad to see you want to be apart of our staff team, I see you on everyday being active in chat and helping people which is always good to see when people are doing it :(,

Your application is good overall in my opinion, you have shown your personality and your past experience but I would suggest adding a bit more on what have you done to the community in general, and also on how you have helped people on the server (which i know you have ;-) )

Other than that, Good Luck with your application :thumb:
I am beautiful UniDeer - The combination of a Unicorn and a Deer :d
Posted Mar 11, 19
Bronze Donator
Comes Here Often
Congratulations and Welcome to the Staff Team! :)
Posted Mar 13, 19