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Helper App NA SaltyAngel's Helper Application

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Question One: What is your Minecraft In-Game Username or IGN?
My Minecraft username is SaltyAngel

Question Two: What is your current age?

I'm currently 14 years old

Question Three: What is your timezone?

I am in the Pacific time zone, and just moved to California

Question Four: Do you have Discord and what is your Discord username?

Yes, I have a discord. My username is SaltyAngel

Question Five: Do you have TeamSpeak? Have you joined the PocketPixels TeamSpeak?

Yes, I have team speak. Yes, I have joined the PocketPixels TeamSpeak.

Question Six: What languages do you speak fluently?
I am fluent in English.

Question Seven: How many hours per day AND per week can you be active for?
I am home schooled for now so I can be on anywhere from 2pm-10pm everyday. I can play anytime on the weekends. So I can play about 5 hours a day, and 35 hours a week. Those hours give me time to do what is need in my everyday life, but these hours may falter due to plans and conflicts in life. I do try to be on as much as possible, but just because I enjoy playing.

Question Eight: Have you been staff of PocketPixels before or on other servers?
No, I have never been a staff for any server.

Question Nine: What qualifies you to be staff?

I think I would be a great staff because I am on everyday for around 3 hours at least. I have had an account on this website for two years, and I used to play the server all the time on my former account Swaggy_Unicorn (I know it's really cringy but I was only 12.) Sadly my laptop broke then, and now I just recently got a new and better one. Pocket pixels was the first server I joined! I am also very social and willing to help other players on the server. I know my way around the server, the rules, and mostly all the commands. That makes me a great person to come to for help, or questions. I also attempt to enforce the rules on the server just to keep the peace, and order. I assist players with recipes, even if it means opening a tab and searching it up for them.

Question Ten: What contributions have you made to the network as a whole? (This does not mean donating. What have you done for the community?)

Well, I think I am very welcoming and supportive to the new comers on the server. Whenever anyone ever asks a question in chat, I'm one of the first to jump on it and help them out. I love meeting new people, and take pride in being as friendly as possible.

Question Eleven: Do you have any extra information and comments?

No, I have nothing more to add. Thank you for reading! ~SaltyAngel :)
Posted Jan 11, 19 · OP · Last edited Jan 12, 19 by SaltyAngel
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Love it!
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I thank you for your interest in being a helper on Skyblock. I'm currently not accepting nor denying applications right now.

I'm keeping any new applications on file for now.
Posted Jan 13, 19