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Helper App AU TheHungryLemon's Helper Application

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Question One: What is your Minecraft In-Game Username or IGN?


Question Two: What is your current age?


Question Three: What is your timezone?


Question Four: Do you have Discord and what is your Discord username?


Question Five: Do you have TeamSpeak? Have you joined the PocketPixels TeamSpeak?

Yes, i do have TeamSpeak and i have joined the PocketPixels TeamSpeak.

Question Six: What languages do you speak fluently?


Question Seven: How many hours per day AND per week can you be active for?

Minimum of 3 hours a day which adds up to 21 hours a week. Depending on my schedule, i may be able to dedicate more of my time to the server.

Question Eight: Have you been staff of PocketPixels before or on other servers?

i have not been a staff member on PocketPixels or any other server.

Question Nine: What qualifies you to be staff?

I would consider myself to be a friendly and approachable person. I often check ivs, search things up for players and am always happy to lend a helping hand. I am also well rehearsed in the rules, commands, warps and the economy of the server so that when players ask, i am often able to respond quickly. I am an active TeamSpeak user and enjoy talking to new people. I understand how daunting of an experience it can be when first joining the server, there are all sorts of new commands, new items and most importantly an unfamiliar community with all sorts of different people. When i see a new player join, i always make sure to politely greet them and answer any and all questions they have about the server or even about pokemon itself. I also try to give advice on what to do at the beginning and the best money making methods in the hopes that they don't become overwhelmed and leave the server. I also try to encourage people to ask questions or for help as i understand that some players may feel uncomfortable or even guilty about repeatedly asking for assistance. I believe that patience is absolutely crucial when talking with players who have broken the rules and would prefer to talk any issues out before taking drastic action. I am also aware of many of the bugs and issues that occur on the server and am able to provide advice to players who experience them.

Question Ten: What contributions have you made to the network as a whole? (This does not mean donating. What have you done for the community?)

I have been an active member of the PocketPixels community for a while now and have helped many new comers with tips and tricks to help them along their way. If i'm not able to get on the server, i often try to stay on discord so that i am able to continue helping players even whilst i am offline. Many players experience difficulties whilst trying to get onto the server and i have on multiple occasions led players through the installation process of pixelmon and helped players optimize their game with higher ram allocation. I have also been active on TeamSpeak and have been acquainted with many of the people that play in and around my timezone.


Question Twelve: What makes you different from other players who are also applying for this helper position?

I believe that my ability to fully commit myself to a task puts me apart from other applicants. When i decide to help out a player on the server, i will not only give that person my full attention but i always make sure that i do everything in my ability to assist them. Another key attribute of mine is that i never half-arse something, if i'm not one hundred percent sure that an answer i have given was correct, i will take the time to double check as i believe that if you are going to do something, you have to do it right.
Posted Jan 9, 19 · OP · Last edited Jan 9, 19 by TheHungryL...
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Love it!
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Hey TheHungryLemon


I have read through your application and I must say you have a very nice application going on here.
However, I do have some extra tips for you that may come in handy.

  • Personally i do see you around on the Teamspeak but do try to talk and communicate with us more often instead of avoiding the main Yellow Lobby most of the time :-d This allows us to understand your character and personality better so it is not just the few people who know how you are like. I think you have a wonderful character, but do show it more often to others and not just the same few people.

  • For Question 10, we are looking more into what other areas of the server you have helped out in, for instance, on discord or on our twitter, or maybe even on Teamspeak itself.

To edit your application hit the little pen to the bottom of your post. Make sure you do NOT make a new post or reply to this.

~Best of Luck To Your Application

Posted Jan 9, 19