Today Update: April 15th, 2015

Factions Information!

We have added our first new server to PocketPixels... A factions server! The server can be accessed through the green portal on the hub, or by doing "/server factions" in game, without the quotes of course. To access the factions store, hover over the store icon and click "Factions". There is also a new forum section dedicated to the factions server only, so please be sure to use the right section when you are making threads from now on.

Also check out the channel of the YouTubers that will be doing a regular series as well as streams on the server! - They are also owners of the server along with me and SecuredMC, as we will be running an managing it for them. Not to worry though, any and all players are welcome!

As a side note, Pixelmon Blue will be coming soon! Stay Tuned!