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PocketPixels' The Vampire's Hunt Event

It's almost halloween, so why not have a special event for it?
We introduce our take on The Vampire's Hunt!

I (ABkayCkay) will be the Vampire. I will hunt you down whilst you try to be the last survivor alive. However you will not be able to see very well in the darkness. With speed and Night Vision on my side I will thrive for your blood!

But it's not all that bad, if you fall to my bite then you will join me in searching for every drop of blood you can.
When you die you have a chance of becoming a Zombie (Slow but strong) or a fellow Vampire (Fast but weak).

However! If you manage to kill any of my Zombies or Vampires whilst you are a Survivor then you will be rewarded with more gear to protect yourself with.
Death to whoever thought of this ridiculous idea!
I will still be Victorious with my army of Mobs no matter what items you have.

Survive in the Haunted Mansion, Freaky Farm, Deathly Maze and more to claim these great prizes!
1st: $75
2nd: $50
3rd: $25

Date and Time
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Website and Webstore Relaunch!
After many years of building an awesome community on the Enjin platform, we have decided to move our forum software over to Xenforo. With this move to a new forum software, it allows us the ability to customize our site a little more.

Our forums are a lot more clean now, and are easier to navigate. We strongly believe that us moving over to this new software is the best thing moving forward. Sadly this means a new start. New forums, new registrations (you have to re-register), and a new modern look.

With this being said, you have to re-register on this website! It is a new start for all!

Our webstore as well is now hosted on a new software. We believe it is a lot more user friendly. We again have the ability to customize it a bit more to our liking. Please give us your feedback on how you would like our store to be changed to your liking!

We HOPE you enjoy and would love your feedback.