Today Update: July 17th, 2015

20% Weekend Sale

All the servers will have a 20% sale from July 17th-20th. Pixelmon Yellow, due it it's lengthy list of issues will have a 40% sale, further explained below.

Prison Updates

Prison has had several bugs fixed and I'll be continueing to work my way down the list, so be sure to report any you find on the newly created Prison forums section. There are also places to talk about your gangs, idea, and ban appeals/reports.

Pixelmon Yellow Updates

After the intitial reset of the world/inventories, many users experienced a glitch that reset their inventory, pokemon, claims, and balance. There wasn't much I was able to do about this due to the sheer volume of stuff people would request back. We've now got several backups made of Pixelmon Yellow so that this will not happen again, and have fully moved to our new box. So there is no need to fear of a repeat of this. Also, to help soften the blow I've decided to give Pixelmon Yellow a 40% sale for the weekend, so that anyone still playing can get some cool stuff at a huge discount. Yellow has had a rough way to go and you guys deserve it.