Server Updates - 8/29/2015

[All Servers]

  • You must now be online when you vote to get your rewards.

Pixelmon Red

  • Added “/warp forest” - a new building zone!

Pixelmon Ancient (Blue)

  • New spawn built! - “/spawn”
  • New Rock and Grass gym coming soon.
  • Casino opening soon, almost done.
  • Be sure to check out our market plugin. “/market listings”.
  • Auction prefix now reads [PocketPixels]
  • The scoreboard in the hub now reads “Ancient” instead of blue.
  • Upgrade from Youngster to RisingStar added to store.
  • Move Tokens added to the store.
  • Hopefully working on Elite 4 soon. Battle Frontier also being considered.

Pixelmon Yellow

  • Training Area Added
  • Battle Frontier being rolled out.
  • Casino to be worked on.


  • New youtuber -
  • Escapist Mine completed.
  • Mine reset message is now properly synced. Escapist mine now resets.
  • Felon mine built. Needs to be setup.
  • Mines X, Y, Z, Druglord, Escapist have /sell sign. Lets you sell all items at once.
    • The long-broken druglord sign is now fixed.
    • Sell all signs will be added to all mines over time.
  • Pickaxes now break. To repair them go to /warp a,b,c or d. There a repair signs for $10,000
  • You can no longer “/espawn” or “/plotme h” in spawn PVP area.
  • /warp staff has been updated.
  • Animals been removed from under /warps and spawn to help lag.
  • At spawn the grass area is the new pvp zone until a new one as been built, or the previous area is fixed.


  • RIP.