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After months of talking about it, it's finally here! The 1ST MONTHLY POCKETPIXELS BATTLE TOURNAMENT!

We've been working hard on making this a really enjoyable experience for you guys, and we can't wait to show you what we've got! The tournament will be livestreamed by Yoshi and Mo over the course of a weekend, at a minimum of 6 hours per day. Each battle will be shown in full and commentated over on stream. There are going to be some awesome prizes you can win on the server too, and you get to watch the whole tournament in a preview of an arena that we are working on for when the Elite Four battles release to the public.     

We will be accepting a total of 100 players in the event, with an unlimited amount of standbys. The first 100 people to sign up using the form below will be given an automatic spot, and those after this pint will be placed on standby. If one of the 100 confirmed players doesn't make it to the event on the day, someone from the standby list will be given their place, so it really helps to sign up for this event as soon as you can to ensure a place!

If you wish to sign up for the tournament, go here: [SIGN-UP FORM]

We're really excited to get this tournament going, and we hope we'll be able to announce the official date in a week or two!

Sean7777o Please do make it so there's divisions because its not fair to go up against a level 95 with a level 50
We've heard your cries and we've updated our store to now contain items and pokemon from the new 3.0 update! You can grab all the new starters, evolutions and legendaries in the regular packs you're used to, along with having a brand new 3.0 section in the store to get even further in depth! 

Enjoy, and catch 'em all!


We've very happy to announce that PocketPixels is now RUNNING ON THE LATEST VERSION OF THE PIXELMON MOD, 3.0! Just released hours ago, this long awaited update brings a whole bunch of awesome new features and improvements that we're sure you guys are going to love just as much as we do!

Just SOME of these are:
-80 brand new Pokemon available
-New spawning system
-New animations!
-Lots of bug fixes!

Don't forget, to log onto the server you'll need to download Pixelmon 3.0! Simply go to: THIS LINK, download the latest version then simply install it the same way as described in the guide here on the site!

PocketPixels a Yes, you need to make sure you don't have both versions in the same file.
cenarous may i ask this but do you have to delete the old download before you download the new one.
Right up until February 15th, EVERYTHING on the store is 14% off as our thank you to you guys, along with showing you how much we love you all! ;D

Simply use the code 'ILY14' at checkout when buying anything, and you'll automatically get the 14% deducted from your total price!

We've been getting a few requests in each day about missing pokemon, which is sadly just a glitch with the actual Pixelmon mod itself, meaning we have little to no control over it. However, we do have the missing pokemon section in the forums to post if this does happen to you, so a mod can help you out as soon as possible!

However, lots of the time, it's very tricky to tell whether the person is lying about having the pokemon, or is genuinely missing them. So, in a couple of weeks, we'll be implementing a new system for dealing with these requests. Soon, we will only be processing/fixing requests that have screenshots along with them. This may seem like a burden, but it simply means there is one simple rule you should follow while playing the game on the server.

When you capture a new pokemon, or evolve a current one: MAKE SURE TO PRESS F2 ON YOUR KEYBOARD. This will automatically take a screenshot for you. Consider this to be a backup of your Pokemon.

Then, if the glitch does happen to you in the future, just make a post in the correct forum section, attach an image of the pokemon in your inventory that you are missing and we should have you sorted out the same day!

Thanks everyone!

Pitbu11s Where's the thread for it?
Pikachu__chan One Problem tho.. they can just put their "lost" pokemon in the pc.. id hate to say it :/ but i have to.. yos ...
teeleer i put up a forum post, and its been about a week, with not even a reply saying they are working on it, i included multip ...
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