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Pixelmon 3.2.9

[Admin] Madness posted Sep 21, 14
I just updated the server to Pixelmon 3.2.9, so make sure to update your clients so you can play.

I'm also adding the SpawnOfPsyduck mod, so that I can control spawns a bit better. I plan to possibly do some tweaking with this in the future, and am open to suggestions regarding it if any of you have knowledge regarding it.

Here is a list of key/important features that come with 3.2.9(From the changelog):

  • Added Chatot
  • Added Swablu
  • Added Altaria
  • Dive added
  • Bosses no longer initiate battle with other Pokemon
  • Minecraft items now display name properly in Boss Drops
  • PP for moves update upon switch
  • Updated Pixelmon table for Swablu, Altaria and Chatot
  • Added evolution conditions for Swablu

The full list can be found here:
JuniorFear I remember there was some guy that would do something horrible if another bird was added. I am worried now.
 *For you to get your points you must have your minecraft account linked to your forum account*

At the moment I've got the start of a new point system setup for you guys. You get one point for voting on EVERY voting website. 

There are currently three voting sites, so voting on all three results in a point. I've scaled the cost of items in the store to match this new system.

I plan to add more ways for you guys to earn points and to spend them. I may even add some things that are point only features, who knows. I am open to suggestions for ways to spend/earn them. Just make a thread in the suggestions section on the forums.
Unkanator You should add point pokemon such as Riolu, Eevee, etc.
We've updated Pixelmon to version 3.2.8. You'll need to download and install it in order to be able to play on the server.

If you have any issues just get some help on the forums, or try looking up some YouTube video tutorials. You can even email me if you need to:

Thanks, hope everyone enjoys! :)
AnimeBro2 I have 1.8 what do I do it on 1.7.10
Hello all! Madness here. I plan to actually start making use of this feature, posting new plugins and changes to the server rather than just large flash sales or huge events. This way you guys can stay more updated.

I'm also doing a lot of updates to the website right now, as I'd like to make it a lot better looking than it currently is. I've already put in several hours and have no problem putting in many more for you all :P

Thanks for the continued support,

Supermagic123 This new announcement "system" is better imo.
Welcome to, a brand new server brought to you by MunchingOrange, YoshiToMario & the amazing staff team behind TheIsland

PocketPixels is a project that we've been working on for a couple of months now and we're overjoyed to be able to finally release the server publicly! We're all really excited to see what you think of what we've created, so get logging on and enjoy!

If you're new to pixelmon and are having trouble installing it, we've also created a step by step guide on how to install the mod and get playing on our server flawlessly from a brand new installation of vanilla Minecraft. If you continue to have any issues after following this guide, we've got a section on the forums in which you can ask for technical help!

We will still be adding new features all the time of course while we get first opinions in from you all, so please feel free to head over to the forums and suggest any changes or improvements we can make to either the website, server or BOTH!

Thanks for playing!

-Yoshi & Mo
rangerriley1 My Grotle disappeared
Daviddevante i cant get in server
dylzanator I was so excited when I heard about this
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